Arturo EB From Costa Rica (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Excellent experience from start to finish. My guide manages to be professional and composed but also laid back and fun.
They coordinated a really fun and diverse night. They plan to cater to a person’s interests.
I highly recommend this experience to anybody looking to explore the Tokyo nightlife scene or to just have a fun night.

Katrina Mari Errico From Hawaii (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Tiffany is a delightful person super sweet gorgeous and fun!!! She’s a very special spirit with lots of heart to offer the world!!!
Highly recommend One Night In Tokyo tour!!!

Elsda Yiu From Los Angeles, California (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Partying with Tiffany is one of the best experiences I had on my two week trip in Japan!
Not only did she put a lot of time and effort into my night out, she also created a fun and amazing environment throughout!
It was so exciting to go out with her, and throughout my trip I booked her not once, but twice!
Be ready to party and have some fun because she is the real deal!
Unforgettable experience and met awesome people along the way!

Anthony Bessman From NYC (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Tiffany is great fun. Not only did she put together an exciting night but she was able to give me recommendation for places to go my other days in Tokyo, all of which knew her by name after mentioning her and treated me extra well in response.

Braian From Brazil (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Tiffany was very kind and considerate during our night out in Tokyo. She previously planned the places we were going to visit to satisfy my requests.
She picked some cool places in Golden Gai and a club in Shibuya, talked about a nightlife in Tokyo and the history behind those places we’ve visited.
I really had a good fun that night! Thank you for a great night!

Erik Elsenbach From Malibu, California (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
I had a great time with Tiffany’s tour. She was very professional, and she often made sure that I’m having a good time.
Overall one of my best nights out in Tokyo.

Jonathan Bracken From Brooklyn, NYC (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Tiffany was fun to hangout with and had the nicest friends anyone could ask for.
The places we went were tops. VIP all the way.

Ioana Voiculescu From Romania (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
I went out with Tiffany on a Wednesday so we went out to some bars in Golden Gai.
This is one of my favorite area to go out in the night and Tiffany knows nice bars there.
We had nice dinner and some drinks in different bars there.
Tiffany is very serious about her mission to take us out and make us to feel well.
She is smart, funny and nice and knows cozy and exotic bars and her conversation is interesting.
I will go again out with Tiffany next year.
She is a citizen of this world who travelled in many places and countries and who enjoy herself to go out.

Ashley Kopcho From Dallas, Texas (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Had a great time. Tiffany is super sweet and takes us to nice places.
Never had to wait in line, even got into some “VIP” areas.
It was fun and Tiffany definitely knows a lot of people! 😀

Ag From India (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
lovely experience…would not have been able to find these places that Tiffany took us to by myself in a new country…if you like to party and you are new you should book this tour….if you are coming from far make travel arrangements.

Joe Franco From Guam (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
I decided to book this tour on a Sunday and expected the nightlife to be a little slow which it was but is more my speed anyhow.
Tiffany took this consideration and took me to a quiet cigar lounge with a great view that was very enjoyable.

Sie Wey Lim From Malaysia (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Tiffany was very knowledgeable about Japanese night life and culture.
She was a lovely host who insured we were having a good time and even stayed with us longer just to make sure we saw more bars that she thought we’d like.

Hemali Pandya From India (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Tiffany is very friendly, sexy, warm and open person.
She is well connected with all popular pubs and club owners/organizers!
And she made sure we had no trouble entering the VIP section.
Her choice of places and recommendations for having a fun night were great!
I had a wonderful night and would definitely recommend to all to try this at least once!!!

Nicolas From France (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Tiffany has been great. She defines the agenda of the tour based on what people want.
We went to 2 bars and one club, we had lots of free shots.
And she has been socializing nicely, making sure everyone was getting what he was looking for.
I strongly recommend the experience, if you want to discover nightlife in Tokyo (looks like Tiffany knows half of the population!)

Dhru Bee From Maryland, USA (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Tiffany is a great host and knows the ins and outs of the Tokyo nightlife very well!
Her knowledge and connections make the night interesting and fun, and she’s a very gracious and entertaining host.
Highly recommend and will repeat!

Gilyanne From California (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Met some great people. Went out on a Thursday which is typically quieter than the weekends.
Went to a few cool, tiny bars in Golden Gai and ended the night with karaoke.
Tiffany was welcoming and knowledgeable about the area.
I had a fun night!

John Patrick From Phoenix, Arizona (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Tiffany was awesome! She’s a really great host and she seems to know everyone in the industry!
Definitely a must when you are visiting Tokyo.

Christian Tyler Gines From Fairbanks, Alaska (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
I am by no means a party person but this tour experience was definitely one to remember.
Tiffany was definitely sociable and charming.
She introduced us to her friends who sparked the place up.
The night crowd population all pretty knew who Tiffany was.
She has the hookups and the connections. Drinks seem like they wouldn’t stop at one point, music was good, people were better.
Got the VIP access and treatment. We were up and out till the sunrise!
Will definitely have to go again!

Don Ricardo From New Jersey, USA (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Prepare to be up all night and have an amazing night. That you may or may not remember.
I would do it again in a heart beat.

Monica Willian From San Diego, California (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
This was an amazing night! Tiffany made sure we were having a great time brought us to popular locations where we received VIP service and made sure we had the best night in Tokyo!
I highly recommend for anyone coming to Tokyo looking for fun and memorable night!
Drinks were flowing, music was playing and everyone was dancing each location we attended!

Tom From Germany (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Tiffany does a great job, very professional too!

Suzan Damen From Netherlands (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
Going out with Tiffany is a blast! We (a group of 4) went to a popular shot bar, a special birthday gig for N’Dea (The Brand New Heavies!) and a club in Roppongi. A great mix. It was fun just to go with the flow and see whatever cool places we would end up.
Tiffany is very easy going and makes sure everyone is having a good time.
Everywhere we went, we received a warm welcome. If you want to experience an exclusive night out, don’t hesitate and go with Tiffany.

Mehdi Hassine From Los Angeles, California (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
For my first night in Tokyo, this was probably the best way to discover so many unique night spots and make lasting memories of this city.
Tiffany is really personable and made an extra effort to understand and cater to everybody’s preference. Highly recommended.

Austin Yu From Fremont, California (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
We booked this tour on a rainy Wednesday night. Tiffany took us to Golden Gai area and went to a cool “mini” bar.
She also took us to karaoke bar where we were until 5am. We had so much fun and I’d recommend this tour experience to anybody who’s looking to get a local guide on nightlife in Tokyo.

Woo-Jin From Korea (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
It was a great experience. You’ll never find these awesome clubs without Tiffany.
If you want to go inside of midnight Roppongi then you should try this tour.

Malcolm and Moehau From New Caledonia (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
It was a good night, lot of fun, dance and music! Also, Tiffany was very friendly and professional!
For discovering Tokyo’s night life chose Tiffany.

Huang From China (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
just a little disappointed about that I didn’t choose the time on weekend because the weekend is the night club time in Tokyo.
but Tiffany still take me to the very good place to enjoy the fun in Tokyo.
hoping the next time when I come Tokyo, I can join it on weekend.

Firathul Fariz From Singapore (One Night In Tokyo Tour)
It was my first trip to Japan and I was solo traveling around from Osaka, Kyoto and then Tokyo.
Based on all the positive reviews I read, nights out with Tiffany truly met my expectations and more.
It was so good that I went out on her tours two nights in a row!
Met so many new friends during the pre-game in the bar at the start of each tour.
The price of drinks in the places that Tiffany brought me too were very reasonable priced, with additional promos if you buy more.
The club itself was exceptional, as our group beat the queue and got into VIP.
Awesome top tier club with different levels of dance floors with different music genres.
I would definitely book a tour with Tiffany the next time I visit Tokyo again!

Frode Ronne Malmo From Norway
Tiffany is a top notch guide if you are into restaurants, bars and nightlife in Tokyo.
Knows all the right people and place. Very responsive and flexible and will give you a tailor made experience and a VIP treatment.
She understood perfectly what I was looking for on my visit to Tokyo. Excellent for money! Highly recommended.

Mohamed Ahmed From Abu Dhabi, UAE
It was amazing night life experience with Tiffany in Tokyo.
I really enjoyed also she is very kind person. I would love to have other tour experience with her. Thank you Tiffany.

Paul Linkerhof From Netherlands
An awesome nightlife experience. We started at the luxurious New York bar which has an awesome view over Tokyo.
After that we went to the bars in downtown Shinjuku. Fun thing was that every bar seems to have his own theme.
They are really small and cozy and there were a lot of them.
Tiffany is also very fun and good company and she really knew her way around.
I really had a great time. Thx Tiffany.

Patrick From Belgium
Tiffany is an amazing person. She knows the city of Tokyo like no one else and she can open the doors of all the trendy places.
She is a Star in Tokyo! Don’t even think of visiting Tokyo without her!
Thank you again and see you very soon!

Youssef From Dubai, UAE
It was amazing tour with Tiffany, we went many places, stores, restaurants, museum and we talk in many things about Japan culture.
I recommend her.

Graham From London, UK
Tiffany is an extraordinary good tour guide. She is charming, professional and very knowledgeable.
Her gasp of the English language is impeccable, enabling me to enjoy a relaxed and very enjoyable experience with her.
I would genuinely recommend Tiffany to all other travelers wishing to enjoy exploring Japan.

Jun Mun From Singapore
Excellent recommendation! Just have to tell them where or what sort of nightlife you would like to experience, and they will help to plan it for you.
It seems like all the popular night spots in town knows who is Tiffany lol! Service level therefore will be up a notch 🙂
She was not in town when I arrived in Japan, so she got her staff to bring me instead.
Her staff is a very very nice lady as well. It’s like you are talking to a long time friend.
They already made all the reservations beforehand, so there was nothing to worry about, except to enjoy the night and have a good time.
Will definitely book again when I’m back in Tokyo Japan!

Georgie Porgie Mackay From New Zealand
Very professional at providing tour. Tiffany couldn’t make it so she arranged a staff to assist in the tour who was very pleasant company.
Very prompt with replies. Thanks a lot!

Robert From Switzerland
Tiffany is exceptional! She is classy, pretty and intelligent.
She knows all faces of Tokyo and can guide you through with high knowledge and passion.
Time with Tiffany was my best tour experience. Thank you Tiffany.

Tak “Japanese” From Los Angeles, California
I had such a great time with Tiffany, perfect bilingual in English/Japanese, well knowledge in the city, good talk and positive vibe.
It was very nice meeting with her.

Guy Newhouse From Fremont, California
Tiffany is the bomb!! She’s personable, cordial, gracious and able to understand her clients objectives.
She’s well connected & knows where to take her guest(s).
Combine that with her smokin’ hot appearance and you’ll be glad you chose the Tokyo hottie. I certainly was.

Brayden From Peru
Tiffany was super cool and quite knowledgeable about Tokyo. She gave me some insights and tips that you normally wouldn’t get from travel books.
She even came up with the idea to try Okinawan food which hadn’t crossed my mind, but I’m glad I did.

Maciek Nowakowski From Poland
Tiffany showed us a couple of really cool bars in Golden Gai district.
Definitely recommend if this is your first time in Tokyo and you don’t speak Japanese.