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Eat – Shop – Learn – Like Japanese Otaku

Discover the weird, wonderful world of Akihabara’s Electric Town and Nakano Broadway on a private tour, exploring Japan’s otaku culture. Try the super fun purikura photo booth, have tea and sweets with the cutest Japanese girls in costumes at a maid cafe, browse for video games, comic books old and current, and check out collectors item on sale. Visit selected shops and search the vast complex for your own personal treasures.


Eat – We will take you to a delicious local Japanese traditional restaurant while we get to know more of each other and give you some pointers and advices on your trip in town.

Shop – Looking for perfect souvenirs for your family and friends from Japan can be difficult to find if you don’t know certain shops. We will help and show you some of the most interesting gift shops around.

Learn – There are hidden places in this area such as museums and temples that you will feel more priviledge with your own privacy to focus and learn about Japanese culture.

Otaku Experience – If you want to prevent the chaos and tourist crowd while shopping we know where to take you. Japanese favourite maid cafe’s, karaoke and hidden bars exclusive for them, we all have the access.

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  • Price : $$$
  • Location : Akihabara, Taitō, Tokyo 110-0006, Japan

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